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Multiplus ii DC Coupled

Hi All
I hope I can get some clarity. I have yet to implement an ET112 meter. I would like to add an MPPT and PV modules to a system that is currently installed as a UPS.

Multiplus ii 5kVA, SolarMD 7.4kWh lithium battery, Cerbo GX ect. AC-Out 1 is used to supply Critical loads. All lights and certain plug sockets for WiFi and TV. AC-IN is fed from AC mains.

My question is this : I want surplus PV energy to supply loads on the input side of the Multi. So I should install the ET112 between the main MCB and the Multi. I am familiar with the wiring and settings on the Cerbo.

I am however uncertain how this will be displayed in VRM? I do not wish to feed the energy into the grid as there is a prepaid meter installed. I only want the surplus energy to supply the larger loads on AC IN.

Combined loads may exceed 5kVA on the input.

The other option is to rather use a PV inverter on the input side.

Any suggestions, advise would be appreciated.

Thank you

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

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That is exactly how my system is setup. I can't feed into the grid so disabled that in the settings. Non essential loads are fed from PV/MPPT (that is connected to DC side) through the inverter via AC INet112-wiring.jpg

Energy Meter ET112 manual

How my system is setup:


More info in this Topic I raised (along with limitations/pros/cons on DC Coupling vs AC Coupling)

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@Riaad Abdulla

Hi Riaad, thank you for your comment.
How are the loads on AC IN displayed on your color control or on VRM? Does it supply what ever surplus PV is available once the batteries are full and all essential loads are catered for?

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Riaad Abdulla answered ·

Hi @Bergmans Trading cc

This is how it is displayed:


AC Loads = AC In side (I have my aircons, water heaters etc. here powered directly by Grid)

Critical Loads = connected to inverter

It depends how you set it up... I have it set up to allow batteries to discharge to a certain level (e.g. if there is not enough available PV due to clouds etc. then it will use some battery power to supply AC Loads and Critical Loads... it basically tries to use as little power from Grid as possible). There are many options on how to set up the system depending on your needs.

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