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Battery settings in VictronConnect

Hi folks. My system was set up using 4 12v 200ah batteries. The installer told me that this made the system a 200ah system at 48v.

within the victronconnect app, it displays my aH as 400 - is this wrong? Do I need to change it?

also, dynamic cut off was off. I want to switch it on. Is it best to leave the voltage settings that are there as default?

thank you

VictronConnectAGM Battery
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Yes, in series you still have 200AH so that needs to be corrected.

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Thank you. Will it be causing any damage or just incorrect reporting?
Will just affect the reporting of SOC. In an ESS setup or anything that relies on an accurate SOC this can be problematic.

You could unintentionally discharge the batteries too deeply which will affect their lifespan.

Thank you again. Also, the max amp charge is also set to 100 currently. On each battery, it says 40. Should that change too?

Definitely. Check the battery specs for the recommended charge current, it could be lower than the maximum.

If you have banks in parallel you can multiply this by the number of parallel packs.

Too high a charge current can also shorten battery life significantly.

If I have 4 x 12v 200ah batteries which power a 48/6000 inverter, I assume it is just series and not parallel

given I have 8 450w panels, it means I can only charge at a maximum of 40amps (is that at 48v or 12v?) if it’s 12v, that’s only 480watts?

So thats a series 200AH 48V string, the system will charge and discharge using the inverter/mppt battery settings. Charge voltages vary a bit between types and models, on victron gel batteries (for a string of 4), absorption will be around 56.4V and float 54.4V.

Max charge current is limited by the MPPT, so if it's a 150/45 max output is 45A. You can do the math from there.

On the victron batteries I had, the recommendation was for charge current not to exceed 0.2C (it can go higher) which for a 200AH battery would be 40A.

Thank you. I have changed it to 40a in the victronconnect app. Looks like the installer didn’t do a great job in setup.