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90ah Battery Landscape (smallBMS, Blue Smart Charger)

Hello community,

hope to get some input here. I just got my hands on 4 older Victron 90ah Lifepo batteries. 2 of which are claimed to be broken. I will see once they arrive. The other two are supposedly in good condition. If they can hold around 75ah I am happy.

Now I found out that I need an external Victron BMS with those batteries. Is the smallBMS sufficient?

I have an MPPT 75/15 and a BlueSmart 12V 15a Charger. I am sure I can use the MPPT solar charger with the batteries, but does the BlueSmart 15a Charger also work? There is no option to connect the charger to the smallBMS.

Any input on how to set this up correctly with my existing equipment would be highly appreciated.


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