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Multiplus 2 as second storage system with zero control possible?

Hello all,

I have a technical question for you.

I already have a PV system with SolarEdge SE8K (the new one without display) inverter and a Senec V2.1 storage with 7.5kw battery.

Please do not tell me if this makes financial sense or not, I know it does not make sense :-)

But you can suggest me a cheaper / better solution.

Current state

The Senec storage has already a zero control at my house power connection (ergo I have a consumption and too little PV pushes the Senec battery power after / If I have PV surplus and the battery is not yet full the Senec is charged / etc.)

- I would like to install an additional independent second battery in my house.

- Planned here would be a Victron Multiplus II 48V 3000 watts

- The Multiplus together with a new to be purchased EM24 should also create a zero power regulation

- If that runs cleanly, cancel the parallel operation in 6-12 month and sell the Senec storage

The goal is

- when my Senec battery is full and the zero regulation from the Multiplus / EM24 detects a feed that my MultiPlus charges the battery pack on the Multiplus

- if my Senec delivers power to the house grid (e.g. at night or at noon while cooking) and it does not manage to cover the power demand or is empty, that my MultiPlus II / EM24 detects a grid draw, the Multiplus also delivers power to the house.


- Would this be possible with a MultiPlus 2 and EM24?

- Can I set the MultiPlus 2 so that it does not start at 20 watts at the house connection and regulates to zero but at a higher threshold value, say only from 100 watts reference / feed? The background is that the two zero controls of the Senec and MultiPlus should not work against each other.

Why the whole thing?

I am extremely dissatisfied with my Senec and want to build a parallel battery, observe this over max. 1 year and then throw out the Senec. And because I have maximum flexibility with a MultiPlus (expand battery / etc.).

Many greetings,


PS: hope you understand my terrible englisch, normaly i speak germany

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Hi Willi

Yes it will do what you want and them some as it is totally flexible in how you set it up.

You can set up setting via there app VictronConnect on th fly etc.


Rob D


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Yes, this is possible.

You will need a Multiplus-II 240V, you don't need an auto transformer if that system is only going to run when you have grid.
Cerbo GX

There are diffrent and cheaper ways to do metering, it all depends on your comfort level with setting up and playing with things or if you want it to work out of the box.

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willi9974 answered ·

it would be nice it work out of the box, but for your info i have a Shelly 3EM Meter and the to the senec storage system connected Enfluri Engerie Meter ABB EnFluRi-Sensor 2 DEV-SH-081 installed

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Okay, You could use the Shelly but will require NodeRed Programing. EM24 will just work.

Does your current system push back to the grid once your Senec battery is fully charged? If so then the multiples can detect that and use that power to charge it's battery.

What is the size of your array?

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willi9974 answered ·

yes the power from the senec solar array load the 7,5kw battery with ~ 2000w

if the battery is full or the solar power more than the battery charging power of 2000w the power flow to the grid. in kind of power to the grid, the new multiplus load the new planed battery (not installed jet). the new battery behind the planed multiplus should have 10kwh of liefepo4 cells. the existing solar array have 9.92 kwp

unfortunately i have no node-red knowledge, but i can take a look at it

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