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Do I need a separate power switch for a Multiplus?

I have a Multiplus 800/12/35 and I am currently following the Victron van install schematic. On the schematic I notice that there isn't a separate power switch for the Multiplus from the Lynx distributer - but from what I have seen before it seems to be quite common for people to add one there.

Does the Multiplus need it's own power switch, or is the switch on the unit suffice?

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That switch is only soft off switch, if you are talking about a DC battery switch yes it would be a good idea and maybe a AC output master switch or Circuit breaker.


Rob D


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I have a main power switch to isolate the batteries. And breakers for the AC out. I just noticed that some people have a seperate isolator switch for the Multiplus yet the Van install diagram doesn't show one.

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A switch on the DC battery path should be accompanied with a precharge circuit to ensure you're not arcing across the switch contacts when using that switch.

Imo, its better to use the panel switch on the multiplus for "normal" usage. The external DC switch is generally used for isolation/fault finding/long term storage purposes. Depending on where you are, electrical standards may require a switch at the battery regardless.

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Thank you. I have a main isolator switch for the batteries, and I will use the panel switch for "normal" use.

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