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Lynx Shunt - Battery 50% but empty


I have an easysolar system setup within a Narrow boat, 24/3000/70-50, connected to a Lynx Shunt and 6 x 60 Amp Ultramax LiFePO4 batteries. The issue I am having is that the batteries have twice dropped to below 24v, but the system is showing over 50% battery still, both the multiplus and lynx shunt. Edit after response below, the batteries are 24v 60Amp each, so 360Amp total, specification below.


I was under the impression that using the Lynx Shunt, and Lithum batteries, that the battery percentage would be a lot more reliable, so does anyone have any ideas what I have configured incorrectly here? Charging from 21V yesterday took around 6 hours at 60 amps average, so it seems that it is charging the correct amount, obviously the percentage reach 100% way before the charging was finished.



This is the history from the VRM for the shunt.


This is the voltage for the month,


And the history for the system.


I have shared the VRM access, see

Many thanks in advance for any assistance here.


Lithium BatteryEasySolar All-in-Onelynx shunt
shunt-config-1.png (18.5 KiB)
shunt-config-2.png (20.6 KiB)
shunt-history.png (15.3 KiB)
overview.png (24.5 KiB)
battery-voltage.png (31.5 KiB)
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You seem to be using settings for lead batteries in the Peukert and Charge Efficiency Factor.
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Thank you, I have changed these to 1.05 and 99% respectively. So would this setting have cause the shut to think it was charging the batteries more than it was? I would of thought it was the other way around.
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I am going to presume that you have connected the six batteries two in series and three parallel or three parallel and then those two sets in series.
Either way, the six 12V batteries configured for 24V would result in a 180Ah 24V battery bank.
You have set the capacity at 360Ah, so that is why it is going dead at around 50%.
Change the capacity setting to 180Ah as per the capacity of your battery bank and that should sort it out for you.

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Thank you @WKirby for your response. No the batteries are 24v batteries, each 60Amp, so 360Amp total. I added details of the batteries in the original description.

Thank you

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