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1-Phase ESS on 3-Phase Grid with Phase Regulation: "Total of all phases", Error displaying correct consumption


I run multiple installations on multiple sites, all on a three phase grid connection (Germany: phase compenastion: "total of all phases") using a single Multiplus II on L1 with batteries in ESS mode. Some sites use an EM24 others ET340, they all have one problem in common:

as soon as any generator (PV) is connected to any other phase than L1 (or also three-phase, in this case usually Fronius SYMO), the summation of "power used" or "power origin" on the VRM goes completly wrong.

In the last case there were two "dumb" inverters, which I connected through two ET112, also these I had to both switch to L1 due to the fact that there is no easy way to set the ET112 to tell the Venus "I am L2 or L3".

The setpoint is fine, so purley cosmetic but to show customers their real data is important.

Is there a way to fix that? I see a huge potential in those small systems with 4.8 or 7kWh capacity, as this in the average household apprx. doubles self consumption and in most cases is enough to cover the night and some peak-loads during the day.

I know there are some more threads covering he problem of "sum of all phases" in the German market, I found none with this specific one though.

Thank you very much for your help!

Johannes Fleißner

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