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GX Tank 140 setup improvements with Venus OS on RPi

I would have a few suggestions for improvements to the GX 140 tank setup in Venus OS.

Unfortunately, for the sensor values (empty/full) only a voltage value with one digit after the decimal point can be entered. This leads to the fact that with tank sensors, which do not use the complete voltage range 0-10V but like e.g. with Votronic tank sensors 0-2,2V, with e.g. 0.0V nevertheless 2% tank capacity is indicated, since the actual value is in reality 0,04V.

Likewise, at 2.2V only 98% is displayed, since the actual voltage value at 100% is 2.27V.

Therefore please offer more than one decimal place here.

Entering the values for a Customized Shape Tank is extremely cumbersome!

First the sensor values and the corresponding filling quantity (e.g. in liters) must be determined and then everything must be converted into percentages.

Since the sensor values for empty and full are known, as well as the maximum tank capacity and the unit of measure (liters, gallons, etc.), this can be done much easier.

Empty the tank, fill it for example with 5 liters, then in the Customized shape Setting either enter the sensor value manually in volts or milliamps or even better, accept the current value and then enter the corresponding fill quantity (5 liters). Fill again e.g. 5 liters, again accept sensor value and enter 10 liters as filling quantity. Continue until all values fit.

Now the curve can be calculated on the basis of the values plus the full values.

Fast, simple and error-free.

Venus OSRaspberry Pitank monitor
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