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Fusing 2 different paralleled solar panels

I am planning to renovate an old rv camper, and want to install solar panels. Due to size limitations, I need to mix different BlueSolar mono panels:
one of 360Wp (max power voltage: 38.4V, max power current: 9.38A, open-circuit voltage: 47.4V, short circuit current: 10.24A), and
one of 215Wp (max power voltage: 37.4V, max power current: 5.75A, open-circuit voltage: 45.82V, short circuit current: 6.30A).

For the fusing, one website tells me to look at the maximum series fuse rating. However, I am unable to find those ratings for these panels. Would it be correct to use a 10A fuse between the Y connector and the 215Wp panel, a 15A fuse between the Y connector and the 360Wp panel, and a 25A fuse between the MPPT and the Y connector? Are all of these fuses necessary?

Additionally, what would be the advantage of circuit breakers/switches? And are they useful in any of my fuse locations?


Any advice would be much appreciated:)
(I am fairly new to electricity and solar panels)

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It is ideal to use the same sized panels, you loose lots of power with different panels on the same charge controller. How much roof space do you have, do none of the Canadian solar or JA solar panels suit your needs? They can still be connected to a Victron charge controller and if you can match panels it will work much better. (Using two different panels can really confuse the MPPT and most of the time results will only be marginally better than having just the one panel)

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