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Combined use of Sunny Boy and Current Sensor with Cerbo GX

Hi All

I have managed to get my SMA Sunny Boy to be "seen" by the Cerbo GX. The data is all visible on both the Cerbo Remote Console and also on the Victron Web Portal. The problem however is that the energy flow readings on the Cerbo is now totally messed up. The repeated reading of current from the PV Inverter and from the AC Current Sensor causes the Cerbo to mess up the diagrams as well as the Device energy readings.

My first question is - since the Cerbo can now see what the SMA is delivering directly from the SMA, does the Multi still need to be connected to the AC Current Sensor via a Current Sensor Assistant?

My 2nd question is - is it possible to keep the currrent sensor as is but only disable/remove it as a device on the Cerbo? This is to give the AC Current reading only once to the Cerbo and not twice but still be able to see the SMA stats on the Cerbo

3rd - Do I miss the point completely and is there a setting or something that should be entered somewhere?

(I have since this original post realised that the Cerbo sums the two readings and then just "dump" the surplus energy it senses in any way possible in the diagrams - therefore the funny flows. I have for now unplugged the network cable from the SMA till I get answers on the above questions).


Multiplus-IIcerbo gx
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I am having a problem getting my SMA sunny tri powers to be seen by Cerbo at all... I am curious to know if this was a problem for you and found a work around? Sorry to ask a question on your question but I am so stumpped

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