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Multiplus-II Current Sensor paralleled ?

I have an old Multi Compact with 10 year old lithium prismatic cells that have reached the end of their life with very reduced capacity and difficulty keeping them balanced. It runs part time grid connection, two solar chargers and a couple of assistance to change input/charge current and generator start to effect grid connection when required by load.

I have been looking at modernising by a decade or so, with GX device, a more powerful Multi and current tech managed lithium, such as Pylontech, and using ESS to manage self consumption.

I am sure I will find lots of questions as I progress, but the first relates to use of the current sensor, and/or meter in the configuration.

The system will have loads on the AC Out, and charge from two solar chargers. Plus there are loads and grid PV on the ACIn. I don't think I need to charge from the grid PV, but I would like to feed the loads.

The complication is I have nowhere near by that the load and the ACIn cabling are joined. The load cable does run within a meter or so of the Multi, on the other side of a brick wall. I am not an electrician but believe the Multi ACIn circuit needs to run separately to the meter box/distribution panel.

Is it possible to use two CT sensors, paralleled with a Y joiner, to sum the two currents. I have seen this done with some other solar solutions where CTs for load and generation are paralleled to get net flow.

If not, is there an alternate solution with a meter. The multi function single phase solution appears to only cater for a separate PV feed.

Appreciate any guidance

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Two questions about the MultiPlus-ii and 3 phase operation. Tl;Dr questions:

  1. Is it possible to have one or two of the multis "charging" while one is discharging in order to do inefficient phase compensation?

  2. During night operation (no solar), do the individual multipluses compensate each phase 'independently'


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