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can ccgx configure the multiplus 48/3000???

i have just setup my system,

.2.7KW of solar (3x 100v strings)

.SmartSolar 150/100


.MultiPlus 48/3000

.2x Pylontech US200B

its all all running fine but i don't see the batteries in the CCGX and i don't seem to be able change any of the MultiPlus charger settings, is it only possible with the VE.Configure? or is there a way to do it with the CCGX??



Multiplus-IICCGX Color Control
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JohnC answered ·

Hi Lief. No it can't directly - yet. But as a CCGX owner you should give it some www for the full experience of the VRM portal. Highly recommended..

Once there, click on 'Remote VEConfigure', download the configuration file, modify it, then send it back. Job done, it works fine, even though the data has to go halfway round the world & back. I use a laptop on a coffee table, and a comfortable chair. :)

Firmware upgrades for the Multi is different, but a separate issue..

I can't help with your Pylons, but you've seen this? Actually just google 'victron pylontech' for a lot of leads. Could just be something like a missing CAN terminator? But it'll be sortable. Just make sure the Pylon is talking, rather than accepting available V from the mppt willy nilly. I don't even know if that's possible, ha.

Good luck too.

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thanks for your reply, i didn't know it could be done through VRM, i don't have any internet on site (being off grid and remote)

i have read the pylontech compatibility doc, i have set the bulk, absorb and float voltages on the mppt (i could do that through the CCGX) so that should be ok, i'm not actually using the charger section of the multiplus yet so again that should be fine for now, but i think that the default setting is for gel batteries at a higher voltage so i will need to change it at some point, i might add a generator for winter months with low light..

thanks again.

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ lief ryan commented ·

Your mppt settings will have been done via bluetooth, over a phone, hey? If via CCGX, I'll be asking you for help to do that myself.. :)

And if your phone can talk to us from that remote location, then www is usually possible. Accepted though that you may not be there right now.

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true i did use bluetooth via my phone, but i need a router with ethernet to get the CCGX online, or a wifi dongle, or i think there is a GSM Dongle but it all seems to involve buying something, i thought the CCGX would be able do all the configuring :(

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Yeh, there seems no end to the extra bits'n'pieces you need to get the full monty. But I understand it too, as adding it all onboard to every piece of kit would make it too expensive. Complicated too by the bluetooth push, I guess to suit people irretrievably grafted to their mobiles.. :)

I don't use the bluetooth kit at all, but I'm addicted to the VRM portal. For that I just use a prepaid wifi hotspot > laptop > CCGX (cable). No router, just shared connection in the lappy (Win ICS). I'll improve on it one day, but it works fine.

Future developments may well bring the features you (& I) seek, but we'll have to wait n see. It does seem to be aggressively pushed though, and I remain confident.

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