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Victron Cerbo GX + Pylontech Modbus and Daily kWh consumption from Quattro

Howdy Guys,

Having some issues pulling some data values from the Cerbo GX over modbus with the Pylontech Batteries connected via CAN Bus.

The data shows perfectly on the VRM, but via Modbus via both System and battery dbus service names specifically the Battery Power and Battery Amps payloads just come through as the maximum allowable field value.

Its really driving me nuts! Is anyone able to shed any light on the matter?

Attached is my nodered flow (running inside home assistant) and another picture of the VRM dashboard showing the statistics that id like. So the Cerbo is obviously getting the data, just seems not to be published to the dbus.

Also while im asking a question, has anyone found a way over modbus or mqtt to get the AC Consumption reading that the VRM dashboard displays? For the life of me i cannot find this data..

System Setup is;

Cerbo GX

Quattro 48/15000

Smart Solar 450/100

Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers guys!




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In my Home Assistant I am reading the modbus values into a sensor.dBus path Dc/Battery/Power modbus register 842
Here is an example of my Battery Power in my modbus.yaml file:

I have Charge Current Limit from /Info/MaxChargeCurrent whcih is modbus register 307 like this:


It all seems to work quite well this way:


If you simply want the readings as sensor entities in Home Assistant then this is more direct than going through NodeRed.

You are not going mad, the Consumption tile in VRM is enumerated within VRM, it is not available on the dBus.

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Thanks very much for taking the time to reply.

Have you had any luck finding daily kWh consumptions on AC Out and AC/AC1 In?

I've been trying to pull this data from VRM API, it basically seems to list everything but...

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Hello tenacioustech, did you find an easy way to finding the daily kWh consumption? Thought I would ask if you have a solution before I try and make one myself!


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