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Grid meter over TCP/IP,


This question was asked few times in the past but maybe someone came up with a solution,

My goal is to transfer the data from the grid meter to my Cerbo, a new cable to run is inconvenient, so I've tried to configure 2 modbus gateways one as a master and one slave to carry the signal over Ethernet but something is wrong and can't figure out what exactly.

I can see the Cerbo ( is sending requests and getting replies but they don't engage in data transfers too much, however with the Carlo Gavazzi software ( my laptop) everything communicates fine, is there a specific settings to be set to the meter? the meter is currently set to address 1, parity none, baud rate 9600, stop bit 1. other important details the meter communicated fine and probably still works with my raspberry pi via USB directly.

Any input is appreciated, best case would be to make the Cerbo read the meter via TCP/IP

Thanks in advance George




cerbo gxEnergy MeterModbus TCP
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mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

hey, I'm sorry I can't help you with above.

But just to make sure: you are aware that we also have & support an ethernet meter that talks ethernet natively?

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I wasn't aware of the Ethernet version of the meter... Now i know :)

I ended up with running a new cable, everything works as expected now


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Good to hear it works!

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Vasco Mendes avatar image Vasco Mendes apple047 commented ·
Hello, i have the same problem. I need to put the energy meter far from multiplus, so, modubs over tcp would be great.

Do you have some kind of tutorial or walk through or tutorial\guide, or can refer me to one you followed?


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