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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-30 230V: came with firmware 2608430, should I upgrade? And to which version?

As per the subject.

I have already registered on, reviewed the Changelog[1] and read the associated documents[2][3], and I understand that I need a 26084xx file; on, I can see that:

a) There is *no* 2608430 file, so I understand that, after I upgrade, there is no going back to the version that came with the equipment (unless I can download or back it up from the equipment itself?)

b) The only versions I can see are 2608433, 2608459 (these, located in separate subdirectories) and (in the main directory) 2608485; the latest version (486, as mentioned on the Changelog) is not available for my equipment (ie, there is no 2608486.vff file available), despite being available for very similar ones (eg 2609, which according to [3] would be a MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16). Any reason for it not being available for my equipment?

c) Between 2608433, 2608459 and 2608485, which one should I install?

Thanks in advance!




-- Durval.

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

What do you want to do with the Multi?
In a simple RV/boat installation it is not necessary to have the latest FW installed.
If you take a loot into the changelog you can see most changes/improvements are related to ESS.

But if you have a MK3 interface it doesn't hurt to upgrade to the last version (currently 485).

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durval avatar image durval commented ·

Thanks for the prompt response, @Matthias Lange - DE

I indeed have the MKE3 connected and working, as well as the latest VEConfig (that was how I was able to find the version currently installed).

I guess my setup is indeed "simple", please see my other post here:

Indeed, I noticed that many of the changes listed in the Changelog were related to ESS and parallel inverters and multiphase systems etc (happily not my case here), but many seemed to apply to setups like mine, and some had descriptions like "Improvement in PWM driving during charge", "False overloads proved still to be possible", "Solved issue with Multifunctional relay. (Once closed it would never open again.)" which seem rather desirable even on my simpler setup. That's why I'm considering the upgrade.

Do you know if there's a way to back up/copy the firmware currently in my inverter, in case I need to go back to it later?

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Matthias Lange - DE avatar image Matthias Lange - DE ♦ durval commented ·

No, there is no way (for the end user) to "download" and save the currently installed FW.

But I can't imagine any scenarios where you could have problems with the latest version in your very basic setup.

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durval answered ·

Update: I was able to update the firmware to 2608485, but had to use VictronConnect (VFlash was returning an "Error connecting!" on its "Connect Part 2" screen.

All seems normal so far (still configuring and setting everything up). If I have any firmware-related problems, I will come back and update; if I don't, anyone reading this can assume everything is OK with the new version.

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