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Multiplus II Questions - Humming and adding power with other inverter

Hi. I am the lucky new owner of a Multiplus-II 24/3000-70/32. Just installed it and started using it. I have two questions, the first purely informative and the second more practical.

1. It's humming loudly (relatively). The less load on the inverter the louder. As I go long days with low loads (50-250W) it seems that it will be humming a lot under my ownership. I'm just thinking - sound means vibration and vibration means wear. How will all the solder joints, capacitors and everything hold up with that constant vibration. Maybe I am just paranoid but no other inverter I have used before have had that kind of hum constantly. Can someone put my mind to ease about this and explain if it is just the way they are designed and that it is ok, or otherwise?

2. I have PowerAssist in this inverter which is supposed to combine the inverter ac current with incoming current from the grid or genset if needed upon high enough demand. I have a 900W 24V sine wave inverter from another brand laying around. I wonder if, in the situation I needed it, I can connect that other inverter to the battery pack and feed it into the multiplus to get 2400+900=3300W? Is that a dumb idea or a reasonable thing to do in a pinch?

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