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Bluesolar MPPT 100|30 conflict with MPPT 150|70

I have an MPPT 150|70 charging my batteries and connected to CCGX.

I have a backup solar units connected to an MPPT 100|30 connected to the batteries.

as long as the MPPT100|30 is not connected to the CCGX I can see the MPPT 150|70 on the CCGX and it work properly and I can connect the MPPT 100|30 to my laptop using Victron connect and see that it is working properly.

But once I connect the MPPT 100|30 TO THE CCGX it takes few seconds and I get error# 66 (incompatible device) on the MPPT 150|70

I can't clear this error message.

It looks as if both controllers continue to charge.

The firmware:

CCGX= V 2.72

MPPT 150|70= V 2.00

MPPT 100|30= V 1.56

To my best knowledge these are the latest releases of the products firmware

Is this message a real problem?

If "yes" what is the problem and how to fix?

If it is not a problem how do I disable and remove the error message?

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Actually they stopped working, they do not charge when both are connected to CCGX.

@Dov Aharonson

Are the settings the same? Same voltage etc.

I assume you had checked the link

The other question is are they smart and did you network them at all?

They used to work together in parallel with no problem. This error message and having them stopped working when they are paralleled start after I did firmware upgrade. The installation is from 2018 so I guess they were running on 2017 to 2018 firmware and updated now to the latest firmware. I don't wish to go back (and not sure if it is possible and how) I prefer to understand the problem. As far as I understand the settings are the same as they were before the firmware update, any ways I did not change them and by comparing them they look the same.
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Alexandra answered ·

@Dov Aharonson

There are a few threads with a similar question each caused by different setups

I am sure if you use the search box for error 66 you will find plenty material for reading.

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I read few other cases.

In my case it used to work without any problem.

Both MPPT chargers have type2 charging algorithm that show the same parameters values.

I think that the problem started after a firmware update when I connected to VictronConnect but I did not notice exactly which of the updates caused the problem.

The Victron products are from 2018.

The Bluesolar mppt 150/70 does not have the remote shortcut so I assume it is an older version of the device. Is it possible that it is not compatible with the new firmware ver 2.00.

Is it possible to roll back to the previous installed firmware?

I appreciate any help on this.

You can start by rolling back the GX, usually a back up firmware is stored on the device under the firmware updates section.

You can also factory reset it now.

The rest require a victron professional account to access the firmware for download. I have an older 150/70 havent had issues with it and it is integrated with a new smart one through a GX and have not had issues but have not updated the GX yet.