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12V Wiring diagram Cyrix CT120 and shuntless ammeter

Dear community,

I'm designing the electrical system for my boat which I'm building step by step. I split up the start- and service battery with a Cyrix CT120 and want to measure the current of the service battery with an ammeter (+/-60A). In other words, I want to see if the service battery is being charged or discharged. Looking at the service battery part of the system; I have one main-switch installed for emergency shut-off and another one for the consumers. The last one will be swithed off when the boat is not being used while the first mentioned will normally be on.

I'm looking for feedback on the design, in particular how the service battery is connected to the Cyrix unit and the position of the ammeter.

Thank you very much in advance for any feedback you might have.

Kind regards,



San Sylvestre Conversion.pdf

Cyrix Battery Combinerwiring diagram
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