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Separate systems


Currently exploring the options of have a sort of hybrid/two separate systems connected to one BYD 30.8 LVL battery set (2x 15.4 lvl units)

The reason for this is the DNO will only allow the current 6kw wind turbine and 2kw Pv system to be seen or connected to the grid

A application was made to add 2 x 5000kva multi plus 2 to the above to add a ess system to the installation. With the grid being connected to the input of the multi and going through the multi’s. So there would be power if the grid failed. The 2kw sma inverter was going to be installed in the output side of the multi and the 6 kw wind turbine which is a grid connected sma windy boy on the grid side of the muilti’s accepting in a grid outage the windy boy would be lost. But the DNO add all of these units together and the total is more then the 8kw they will allow

A ideal has been put forward to have this systems set up as a offgrid system with a suitable sized multi to run the house loads and have the 6kw windy boy and 2kw sma inverter (possible be changed to a fronuis) ac couple to this system.

So the above would change and discharge as a off grid system.

It’s also been suggested to add a multi only connected to the grid ( so the DNO see that sized inverter) on to the same BYD battery set for solely Battery charging. With this a scheduled charge off the installations cheap over night electrical tariff can be used.

just wondering how this will all play together?

my first thoughts are it wouldn’t work

but fill it could if there are two separate gx device and they were both able to allow to communicate with the ByD LVL at the same time

multiple inverters
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I presume you are talking single phase

I cant see that working as the two units have to be paralleled so that the frequency will stay in sync

the only way you may get that working is to have two separate AC circuits going into the house. then you could run 2 separate units, the ac out would need to be completely separated.

you would then have to what the 1 to 1 rule closely as well

another way is to have a few LARGE battery charger charging the batteries and have the inverters paralleled and running the house, however you cant export and wind/solar this way. but you are totally separated from the grid. and in effect stand alone, and just using the grid to charge batteries.

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Thanks for the reply

Yes single phase

yes the two systems ac out will be separate

the frequency of each separate system wouldn’t be the same and they would be inter connected so wouldn’t maker if they were out

one would be grid frequency coming in and having the Pv on it and the other system would be complete

Suppose I am really trying to find out if the ByD bms can communicate with two separate gx devises at the same time ?

perhaps I should upload a drawing when I get the chance



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Hi mikeb

Do you have a Update if your plan has worked with the two GX devices communicating to a single BYD battery?

I'm just trying something similar...

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