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Phoenix inverters no parallel connection

I have had 3 phoenix 24/3000 inverters working in parallel for years, after a firmware upgrade on my color controller, a week later they have failed to parallel connect now coming up with a firmware issue. Was advised to update the inverter firmware. Using the MK3 interface i have done one successfully which is the newest. 2612154.HEX to version 476.

The other 2 are older 1912137.HEX and 1912112.HEX The 137 unit appeared to update but will not accept changes on the dip switch settings now, the oldest one came up with no MK2 found.

So now no parallel operation what so ever.

Any advice as to my next step. I am an electrician so know my way round electrical gear.

multiple inverters
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as far as I know you cant parallel at 19 series with a 26 series processor. Old and new

but you do say you have had them paralleled in the past. hmmm

But try this it MAY work and maybe not. upgrade the old processor to 1912159 (this is the latest version for that series of processor)

in regards to the latter version 2612476 this is a incorrect firmware as its the 400 series the older units are 100 series so all the units HAVE to be the 100 series firmware.

so downgrade the newer unit to 2612159 firmware and upgrade the 2 older units to 1912159 firmware.

this may then allow you to then configure all the units in parallel again

also you may need to find a older MK2 unit to work with the 1912137 processors (maybe I have both just in case I get a issue)

OR downgrade the new unit to 2612137 then try it again.

you will need to get them all onto the same series of firmware XX12159 or all on XX12137 or ALL on XX12112 the last 5 digits all need to be the same or you wont be able to do it. and even then it may not work.

Note the XX12159 would be my first choice.

however upgrading the CCGX firmware would not affect the Phoenix units as none of the VE bus units can have there firmware remotely updated anyway, so maybe you have a different fault.

CHECK will all units work in single inverter mode ???? check the basics

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