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Need advise on direction to go with set up..

I am having trouble with my 24/5000/120-100 230V inverter. The sticker on the chip is 2614413.HEX and I would like to know what is the latest firmware I need to do update.

I have a colour control with firmware 2.23. as I have done the update on it but I need to get the lead to do the firmware update on the Multplus inverter, from what I have read in the manual.

What I want to do is supply the house with power and keep batteries as full as I can as our power is not so reliable but still use the power from the panels and not the grid, but I want to feed left over power to the grid. I do have a grid tie system and it only feeds back about 70% of what I am allowed to.
I would like to re-wire the GTI inverter (SMA 2KW) I have running so it is on the AC output side of the Multiplus. At the moment it is wire to the AC supply side so when the grid fails the GTI shuts down and the Multi kicks in and runs the house supply from batteries. The batteries at flooded lead acid 2volt cells and I have 12 at 875 Amp/Hrs in total.

I would like to keep the grid to the house as I get paid $0.66 per kw/hr until 2025 then it goes to what ever the power comp[any want to pay.. I would also like to use the Multi to feed back to the grid and do away with the GTI (SMA) and have all panels feeding one system so when the grid fails I can use the panels to charge and run the house. I would like to know if anyone has a code to unlock the feed in from the Multi..

I would like any help I can get on which direction I should go with things.

Andrew.............. Australia..

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Hi Andrew. Your 66c fit is dependent on retaining the kit it's approved for, and that's possibly 2kW max in your case. You could change out with another brand if needed, but only up to 2kW. It isn't illegal from a safety perspective to exceed that, but once you lose that fit, you won't get it back.

Your Multi (unless something's changed recently) won't be approved for grid export, and it's illegal to use to do that. They'll likely do more than frown at you too..

That said, it *may* be possible to legally control the SMA to give you solar when the grid's down. One of our resident ESS/Assistants experts may be able to help with that. Outta my comfort zone.

Multi firmware updates aren't for the faint-hearted either. I think the latest is 433, and you'll need the MK3 adaptor & ideally a laptop to do that. Sometimes all this stuff might be best handed over to an experienced Victron installer if you've any qualms whatsoever. But good luck whichever way you go..

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Hi Andrew.

We are based in South Africa and are not sure of your grid codes.

We change our grid code to other and have found that if you set feed back excess solar power from your CCGX it is safe as when grid fails it won't feed back down the line.

Running version 433 on your inverter has resolved a lot of issues and is safe.

As far as i'm aware the victron can not control the SMA inverter so it is best to DC couple it with Victron MPPTs.

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