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Why Does Generator Power Drop When Load Applied?

I have a Quattro 24/5000. When I add an AC load, the Quattro drops the AC 1 In current (connected to a 4800 W generator). The inverter/batteries make up the difference. See attached screen shot.

Settings: 120V, 60hz, Power Assist = on; Boost Factor = 2.0, max; AC 1 input current limit = 15 amps. See screen shots. The only difference in conditions in these two screen shots is the AC load applied.

This is strange behavor and I am at a loss. Any ideas? without-load.jpg

powerassistinput current
with-load.jpg (46.0 KiB)
without-load.jpg (41.3 KiB)
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Do you have weak ac checked? Or wide frequency enabled?

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