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PPP 40Ah charging via high capcity output

I have a few questions about Peak Power Pack 40Ah charging via high capacity output in car.

1. I've try to charge my PPP via this output and initially, about 2 minutes, the current were above 50 amps, and then gradually decreased to 30 amps. Manual says 15-20 amps max. Voltage from car's alternator is 13,95V, but voltage drop in cables (4mm^2) made effective charging voltage 13,3-13,6V.

2. 50 amps is above 1C charging. Is this safe for PPP, cells and for me? - fire, big bang etc.

3. Is the BMS still active and cells are protected? Is charging terminated automatically after PPP is fully charged?

4. Car/Solar input of PPP is limited to 7 amps, so charging takes 6-7 houres and often is too slow.

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