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Generator and Multiplus II compatibility


My motel is connected to the electricity network and I have two GEs of 30kVA and 20kVA respectively which are requested as needed with a manual start.

I would like to add to the existing installation 24x325Wp in two subfields coupled with 2 MPPT 250/100, 28kWh of storage, 3 * 3kVA Multiplus II in three-phase configuration.

1) Could you tell me about my AC wiring diagram, if my equipment and users will be sufficiently protected from all risks (indirect contacts, overload + short circuit + earth fault)?

2) For the AC-in protection of the Multiplus II that I have chosen, Victron recommends 32 A for each Multiplus II. Will the three-phase configuration make it possible to increase the currents between phases? what will actually allow me to have more current on each phase?

3) My 30kVA and 20kVA GEs are quite old, is it possible to automatically control the start and stop with the BMV700 or the CGX?

4) With these inverters we will “narrow” the maximum power available at the head of the main switchboard: 32 A with GRID/ GE and 32 + 13 = 45 A with GRID/ GE + Victron, whereas until now they were limited to 50 A (circuit breaker at the head of the TGBT). What precautions should I take?

Thank you for your help



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You should ask a local installer for help about the system design.

But some hints:

- you can't connect the output of the generator to the grid, you have to install a manual or automatic switch to switch between grid and generator.

- with a grid code selected (need for ESS) it will most likely not be possible to run a generator at the same input. The MultiPlus will not accept the generator. You will have to use Quattro's instead, but you will need an external anti-islanding relay.

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