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Feature request: override AC out frequency of Multi


In certain circumstances, the switching of loads results in a "hard" turn off of the PV inverters followed by the normal ramping up. This happens frequently when the batteries are full. It would be great if there was another writable dbus parameter (let's call it Ac/Out/L1/Fmanual) that can be set by an external control process. The Multi would (obviously!) continue to calculate it's own AC out frequency (to derate PV inverters according to the state of the batteries) but will set the frequency to the higher of it's own calculated frequency and Ac/Out/L1/Fmanual. This allows for a more granular control of the PV inverters (derate earlier that otherwise would happen) and - depending on how smart the external control process is - will avoid the "hard off" followed by the normal ramping up of the PV inverters.


Multiplus-IIVRMAC PV Coupling
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