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[Urgent] 3phase 3 quattros battery charging problem

I'm using 3 quattros with 3 phase AC inputs (phase 1 - quattro 1, phase 2 - quattro 2, phase 3 - quattro 3) and Pylontech lithium batteries. The ACin 2 terminals are used as AC input instead of ACin 1 terminals since it is a bit congested with cables on the ACin1 terminals side.

Both AC out terminals on each quattro are used to output 3 phase system. AC out 1 is powering small loads and AC out 2 is powering bigger loads. The system is designed to act as a UPS, providing power to only essential loads (AC out 1) when electricity's cut off from the grid. I followed this link: to configure the system. Now, I have two issues:

1. When the quattros are turned on and the AC input breaker is switched on, only quattro 1 appears to be drawing current from the mains whereas the other two quattros do not have any current. This means only quattro 1 is charging the batteries and the other two quattros do not charge the batteries. This is clear by the lit bulk charge LED on quattro 1 while the charging LEDs on the other two are not lit. Below are some more info about the system.

Battery capacity: 28,416Wh (3,552Wh x 8 batteries)

Quattro: Victron Quattro 48/10000/140-100/100 x 3

2. With the AC in main breaker still switched on, I measured the AC out voltages on all inverters. Apparently all AC out 1 terminals have 220V and it is fine. However, the AC out 2 terminals have only 20V. When the grid power is available, AC out 2 terminals should have 220V. Only when the grid is not available, AC out 2 should be cut off.

Could anyone please figure out how to fix these 2 issues? Thanks.

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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @htooz15

Without knowing what settings / assistants / etc. you are using, my first guess would be that you have a phase rotation error and therefor only one phase is actually connected.

try swapping two phases on the input.

Also: when using AC-in2 you might have a problem starting up the system if you ever empty your battery. only AC-in1 can be used to start on an empty battery.

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