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Install Exar USB Serial Driver on Venus OS 2.70 large (raspberrypi4)

Hello all,

i'm using the venus OS on my raspberry pi4 with the latest 2.70 large version (venus-swu-raspberrypi4-20210328075236-v2.70_4-large) and i'm trying to connect my EPEVER Tracer 5415AN via the RS485 to usb cable, to get the parameters with node-red. But now there seems to be the problem that the USB drivers on venus OS doesn't work with the tracer usb cable.

What i have found is that the "Exar USB Driver" should work.

Now my question is it possible to install the drivers to the venus OS?

Or do somebody maybe have the same charge controller and connect it in another way to the venus device?

Thanks in advance for all answers; hints; support!

regards Marv

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Here in addition the stats of the usb device, maybe i've only had done some settings wrong in node-red for the modbus-flex-getter




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Hey community,

after some readings here in the community I get a little bit more understanding what venus OS is and how it works on a raspberry pi 4 (thanks to everybody putting so much work in getting things done like this and taking the time explaining!). So, as far as i get it, it's only possible to install files not like on a linux machine but for example opkg packages.

Now for my first question to install the "xr_usb_serial" driver i have found a openwrt "makefile":

But i'm sorry i have no glue getting this build; installed; compiled. So it would be great getting some hints or comments if I'm on the right way trying to get things run? :-)

Thanks for any feedback

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any luck with this? I have exactly the same problem. Running Venus OS on rpi zero 2, but i just didn't figure out how to compile this driver.

Thanks for update.

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1 Answer
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Looks like the CDC-ACM driver needs to be disabled, as that port should read XRUSB0, not ACM0. Refer back to the instructions in the GitHub repository where you downloaded the driver.

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