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Questions about monitoring mostly Victron system

I was hoping to go all-Victron for my van build, but it is beginning to look like I cannot go all-Victron. (See my other question, "Does the MultiPlus 3 kVA Inverter/Charger allow me to set an upper limit on the wattage?")

Here's my current thinking:

  • 1x Lithionics GTX12V315A Battery
  • 2x-3x Victron Orion Smart DC-DC Charger - 30A
  • Victron Solar MPPT 100/50
  • Xantrex XC Pro 3000 inverter/charger

1) Assuming I go all Victron, except for inverter/charger, what are my monitoring choices?

2) For example, should I still consider Cerbo GX?

3) If I do go with Cerbo, do I actually need the GX Touch 50 to start with, or can I just use my iPhone to start with, and add the Touch later if I decide it would be useful?

4) On the MPPT, there is Smart and there is Blue. Does getting one versus the other have an impact on monitoring? If so, what?(All of these units will be in close proximity to each other, except for possibly the Touch, in case that matters.)

5) If I go with the Xantrex, I will get their Control Panel. Given that, is there any reason to consider a Victron Smart Shunt? (I am admittedly not entirely sure exactly how and when one would use the Smart Shunt, hence the vague question :-)

For the record, I am brand new to this rodeo, so I am likely to have missed some very basic info. Feel free to correct me and/or redirect me.


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Ulrich answered ·


I also looked at different systems and then decided on one provider, Victron Energy.


I think it is better to take everything from a single source, because the systems are then optimally coordinated with one another.

I took a quick look at the Xantrex website and found Victron has a wider range so that my needs are better and more precisely met.


Cerbo GX or another GX device collects and transmits the data from the connected devices to VRM (victron remote magamenet) (


It is possible to operate the GX device completely remotely via VRM via a virtual screen. The screen is connected via HDMI and USB. There is also the Color Control GX with an integrated monitor.

Of course, you then need a permanent internet connection in the vehicle. I have installed an LTE router to which the GX device is connected via an ethernet cable.


With the help of the Victron Connect app (iOS / Android / macOS) you can control every smart device directly via Bluetooth, set all parameters and update the firmware.

A VE.Bus smart dongle must be connected so that the inverter can also be set in this way.


I am very satisfied with Victron Energy products and have also opted for the LiFePO4 battery from Victron, as the BMS is then integrated into the system. A Smart Battery Protect can be connected to the BMS for charging and discharging, which can also be switched on and off via Bluetooth.

Another advantage of Victron Energy is that there is a good community, there is a very extensive YouTube channel (, there are many circuit diagrams of various installations and many manuals and explanations.

I hope I was able to answer a few questions for you and I am happy if you have any more questions.


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cw8 avatar image cw8 commented ·

Thanks you, very helpful answer. Between the strong community, interoperability, monitoring capabilities, and the answer to my other question (3KVA inverter can be used with my battery, cautiously), I am indeed going to go all Victron.

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Ulrich avatar image Ulrich cw8 commented ·

If you still want tips on your expansion, please describe your plans in a new post. I am happy to try to share my experience.

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cw8 avatar image cw8 Ulrich commented ·

Thank you, I have started digging into exactly that. Lithionics (the battery supplier), has two wiring diagrams one for 1x battery + 2KVA and another for 2x battery + 3KVA. I was thinking I would start with them, but upon closer inspection, there are some unexpected differences, and what I believe might be mistakes. I plan to dig deeper, sort out the (possible) discrepancies, create my own wiring diagram, and then come back with specific questions. Cheers!

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Ulrich avatar image Ulrich cw8 commented ·

I decided on this circuit diagram: Smarts-Lynx-distributor.pdf

With the following changes:
- a Smart Shunt instead of the BMV-712
- Smart Battery Protect instead of Cyrix Li Charge 230
- Cerbo GX instead of Color Control GX
- Two Lynx distributors

However, consumers like the Cerbo GX are permanently connected to the positive pole so that I can always monitor the system.

... and much more

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Vance Mitchell answered ·

Firstly I would advise you to have a talk with your local Victron dealer.

As I mentioned in your other post there are ways to limit your inverter use if required.

Personally I would go all Victron and would add a smartshunt, cerbo (or Venus, venusPi etc), and a BlueSolar MPPT.

The only difference between the BlueSolar and Smartsolar is the built in Bluetooth, connecting to the cerbo will give you the same functionality.

If you choose to go with a non Victron inverter, the smartshunt will allow you to see the Ah used, battery voltage and SOC, but if you wish to also see the AC information it will require a few more components (possibly 2 AC meters?)

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