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BMV 712 and Winnebago ERA 70x


I just bought a BMV 712 and would like to install it in my 2016 Winnebago ERA 70x. It has two batteries apparently hooked up in parallel. I have attached a link to the battery wiring diagram below.

There is a generator and wiring for a "boost" feature in case the chassis battery needs to be jumped to start the coach. Where should I attach the shunt? I'm not sure which is the most negative terminal.

Other diagrams pertaining to the electrical system can be found at the link below.

Thank you in advance for the help.


BMV Battery Monitormonitoring
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Hi Jeff. I don't know why I do this. perhaps masochistic tendencies or just to see how Winnebago do it (let's call it the latter). :)

If your RV is the '13' (rather than the '16') listed there, and looking at the 'VIEW DA' diagram, the batts are indeed paralleled.

There's a cable on the lower lhs batt labelled "cable asm-coach battery gnd (blk)", and that's where your bmv shunt would go if those 2 batts are the ones you want monitored. Now that cable may not make it all the way to the front of the rv, but may find a chassis ground. For convenience, the bmv shunt could be located at either end of that cable, before any chassis ground, or wherever else it may terminate.

But there must be nothing else intruding between the shunt BAT side and the batt -ve terminal. Just that cable.

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Thank you for your help. Should the jumper (cable-asm-jumper-neg blk) to the other battery be attached through the shunt or remain directly attached to the negative pole.


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Leave that one where it is, it's just part of the batt paralleling. Yes, I can see why you ask that, but consider it part of the batt terminal, The final -ve link, or in your words "the most negative terminal", is that single 'gnd' cable heading forward.

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Thanks again!

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