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MPPT 12v 100/30 Status offline


I have an 100/30 MPPT charge controller that shows status offline.

I have done the following when fault checking.

1. Checked connection and fuses - all good

2. checked the load from the panel to the MPPT - all good

3. run the battery and a load from the MPPT - it is working just showing status offline.

4. Updated firmware - all good

5. removed connection from solar panel and battery, left off for 2 minutes then reconnected. Status is the same.

6. removed the app and reinstalled the app on my phone, including disconnecting Bluetooth.

taken the vehicle back to the installer, who double checked wiring, fuses and connections- all good.

has anybody had the same experience and found out a remedy? why is the Bluetooth app not showing the graph information and showing status as offline.

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Post some pics of your install.

Common failures are cheap dodgy circuit breakers, and bad cabling joints.

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