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Pylontech UP3000 DVCC not activated automatically

Hi i just installed 7 US3000 and followed this

for install





MPII 48/5000

all running latest alpha Firmware

According to the above install manual:

When the battery is correctly connected this will also set the following values automatically:

Venus Settings → System Setup Parameter Value


Shared Voltage Sense OFF

Shared Temperature Sense OFF

I did not get DVCC set to ON in the CCGX and no auto config took place on any devices... any ideas why?

the batteries are visible in the CCGX devices tab and no apparent errors.

I ended up configuring everything manually but curious why DVCC did not work and potentially if there is an issue i need to address.



thanks in advance.


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2 Answers
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jimbo answered ·

Also in the above install documentation it states that:

5.3 Inverter Settings

In the Inverter tab of VEConfigure

VEConfigure Inverter Parameter Setting

DC input low shut-down 44V

DC input low restart 48V

DC input low pre-alarm* 48V

PylonTech recommended

DC input low shut-down 42V

DC input low restart 45V

DC input low pre-alarm* 45V

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mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

Hi Jim, no issue on your side. One on ours.

I’ll update the documentation.

thanks for pointing it out!

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the issue is that DVCC does not auto config? or does not auto ON?

Yes, the issue is that the dvcc feature doesnt automatically switch on; you have to do it manually

jimbo avatar image jimbo mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ ·

When I turned on DVCC no settings were sent to the rest of my gear! i had to set everything manually... why?

its doesn't send settings. When in DVCC, the rest of the gear (= inverter/charger + solar charger) will work in a different mode. ignoring any settings, and working by the CCL, CVL, DCL parameters as received from the battery.

Those parameters will also change according the to the condition (battery full/empty/temperature, etc.) . How they change differs per brand of battery, etc etc.

I recommend to see the DVCC manual for the Cerbo as well as some online training if you whish to fully understand.

But the other solution is to just trust me: if you enable DVCC, and at the same time see the Pylon in the Device List as well as have the Multi inverter/charger and solar charger in the device list, all will be fine - no need to worry.

jimbo avatar image jimbo mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ ·

Ok thank you for the clarification.

I have US3000 (37A) recommended charge rate X 7 modules.

The battery parameters tab shows 259A


should i set the DVCC Max Charge to the same value?


And the MPII 48/5000 VEConnect Charge current also to the max value? i guess it will be limited to max 70A?

The 'charge current limit' (CCL) as shown in the parameters screen (and received from the BMS, by the GX device, via DVCC) will be the ceiling, and the system will try its best not to exceed that (as much as it can - it may spike under momentary peaking conditions).

The 'maximum charge current' value that you set manually in the DVCC menu of the GX device will allow you to set a value less than the ceiling CCL, if you want to further restrict system wide charge current for some reason. You can enter a larger number than the CCL, but the system will then stop at the CCL number (and not your manually entered figure).

For example if you only wired in 80A capacity wire / fuses through the system, and didn't want the potential combined power delivery of a generator charging as well as a solar charge, you could limit the total system charging (MPPT + MultiPlus) to that lower level, even though the batteries could potentially absorb more.

I see you have also set the Maximum Charge Voltage - this is NOT normally necessary to set, and I will update the Pylontech manual and DVCC manuals to describe what this feature is for, but basically it's just if there is a cell level imbalance and the default charging voltages cause 'high battery voltage', or 'internal error' issues before the cells are all balanced.

jimbo avatar image jimbo Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ ·

Thanks Guy. So to clarify the CCGX settings as this?


untitled-1.jpg (83.7 KiB)

Yes, that looks good. Assuming you want the maximum charge current to be 120A (rating of the fuse and wires).

cristimv avatar image cristimv mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ ·

So, in VEConfigure, there should be the limits recommended by Pylontech? The Victron settings are more conservative and protecting more the batteries.