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How to insert the tariffs for kwh in VRM similar to Fronius solar web

Dear all,

I have a hybrid system formed from an on-grid Fronius Symo 10.0.3, a Quattro 10 kW 48V, Cerbo Gx, ET340, Fronius smart meter (not limitting the feed in power to the grid) and a lithium storage battery 24kwh.

Could you pls let me know if there is any chance to insert the tariffs for kwh in the VRM portal similar to the Fronius Solar web portal ( feed-in tariff and also grid tariff) in order to have an overview off the costs and savings in a graffic format.

As far as i have checked in VRM there is not such a function but maybe i'm wrong. It will be nice to have such information also included in the VRM portal.

Thanks a lot in advance and waiting for your advices.

Brgds Mihai

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