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Balancing the battery-related DC circuits

I currently have the following:
Quattro (5000W 48V Inv/Charger 120VAC)
Smart Solar MPPT (150V 60A)
48V Lithium battery bank (4 12V batteries in series)
BMV712 with shunt.Screenshot from 2021-03-11 10-57-25.png

This system is running fine. I am planning to implement another Quattro, MPPT controller and 48V battery bank.

I have gone thru the Wiring Unlimited doc (multiple times) in order to try to understand the concepts of balancing the battery-related DC circuits as much as possible (e.g. keeping cable lengths the same, ensuring circuits all have the same distance to travel, etc.). I also want to use the BMV712 for monitoring the entire battery system if possible. I came up with the attached schematic that is focused on balanced battery-related DC wiring. For simplicity, I didn't include fuses, isolation switches, PV portion of the system, AC wiring, etc. Wire sizes are also not represented in the schematic.

I'm looking for feedback as to whether this seems to be a good approach toward balancing the DC (non-PV related) circuits for my application. Thanks for any feedback you can give.

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