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Battery choice - guidance requested

So I have a small travel trailer with limited space for a battery. Have a Victron Solar controller and SmartShunt but looking for a better capacity battery than the cheap one that it came with. Draw is a handful of LED lights, USB ports etc - no need for large current draw but capacity and lifespan are king

The current battery box is 280x175x244mm so want to look for something that sits inside the same footprint

I am looking at the BAT412110081 AGM Super Cycle or the BAT412600104 Deep Cycle Gel as the two that will fit.

Which would people recommend as the better choice and which has the larger capacity?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Rob Fijn answered ·

Hello ttttfrosen, in the first line you answer your question already. You have to go for lithium !

Lithium takes approximately 60% less space then an AGM or GEL.
Also far less weight and far more easy to charge and discharge. This all will benefit you well on the long run. You can have long travels and enjoy your energy.

Best regards, Rob

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Rob - thanks for the answer but the budget nor the amount of usage extends to justify lithium at this point - nice but too expensive being at least 5x the price of the two choices

hence the question of AGM vs Gel

Hello tttfrosen, yes that is true as well. GEL or AGM, looking at the conditions what limit the live time, temperature, discharge current and charge current. In your case you use the battery to draw a low constant current, then I would go for GEL because of the number of cycles. Your battery will be discharged and charged at least ones a day. Do not choose a small battery, that will always be disappointed at the end.. But then your Solar panel system must be big enough to recharge the battery properly and give energy to your load during the day.

it would always be good to make a list of the equipment you have that use energy. In this list you write the energy used and how many hours you expect to use this. Then use google and you find web site to make this calculation for the size of your battery.

I hope this will help you further. regards, Rob