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Phoenix multi connection


I have a Phoenix multiplus, I am trying to connect it to VE configure, however, I'm having troubles.

The firmware on the multi is 1812146.hex. According to the VE.bus firmware pdf, it says that this is non VE.bus, I can't seem to find any more information on it?

  • I have tried connecting it with a mk3 usb adapter. This does not work. Which is the correct adapter I should use? I am thinking the MK2 but I don't want to keep buying expensive adapters for them not to work. I could fabricate an adapter?
  • I checked "old software" however this seems to be for 17 family group devices? There isn't much information on 18 group and what protocol is used?

I also would like to update the firmware if possible, but there isn't enough information on this topic for me to do so.

I am using a self-built lithium 3rd party BMS battery so will need the assistant, is this even possible with this chipset?

In addition is this multi capable of being connected to Venus OS devices?

A bit of history, this unit came out of the NHS breast screening trailers. I'm all one for recycling so I got it very cheap. So forgive me for having such an antiquated unit.

Many thanks!


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Hi James.

I'm sorry, but its bad news all round I'm afraid.

That device is known as VE.9bit which is now depracated. As far as I can remember only a MK2 dongle will connect to it. You can't build your own dongle there is a PIC inside with proprietry firmware on it.

You can't upgrade the 18xxxxx firmware to 19xxxxx or 26xxxxx

You can't connect VE.9bit or devices with 18xxxxx firmware to Venus devices.

I know all of this because I have a MultiPlus of a similar vintage, mine served in a NHS ambulance in it's previous life.. It is still going strong and I use it for odd jobs here and there. I also have a modern MultiPlus which does all fancy new stuff like ESS.

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