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Multiple devices not communicating on VE bus network

I have a new 1600ah lithium installation. It has a multiplus 24/5000, multiplus 24/4000 and a Phoenix inverter. I cannot get them all to work/communicate with each other over the BMS VE. Bus network. I have updated all the firmware and changed all devices to BMS assist

Lithium BatteryBMSVE.Bus
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @Adam Robb,

The VE.bus is limited to a single device, or multiple identical devices that are programmed to synchronise (such as a 3 phase, or parallel installation).

Connecting multiple different inverters on the same VE.Bus is not supported.

Did you talk through your system design with your dealer before purchase? I would suggest contacting them again for support.

Depending on exactly what it is you're trying to do, there is some work arounds (with limitations) to getting different VE.bus devices visible on a GX device - using MK3 to USB adapters, but I would strongly suggest that you discuss your plans for the whole system with an experienced designer before investigating that option any further.

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Hey @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager).
thanks. Yeah we figured that and are just going to use the remote on/off cable from the bms load disconnect to power down the two other units in a low voltage situation as the 24/3000 is only being used an inverter. And then connect them to the CCGX vía the MK3 to USB adapter.
Never realised the VE bus network didn’t work like the VE Can network. I hadn’t read anywhere that it worked like that either as I haven’t ever had to parallel units or use over 3 phase.

Thanks for replying!

I went looking for somewhere in the documentation where the limitation was clearly described and couldn't quickly find one, so I'll try and improve that. Apologies if it upset your plans a bit, sounds like an interesting installation.

Happy to hear you have found a partial solution anyway. Success!

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Hey @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) mate yeah I couldnt find it either and hopefully someone else finds it helpful if its improved down the track. Thanks.
Yeah its a bit of an interesting job we have had to design for an old and big catamaran, as on top of that there are;

2x Mastervolt 24/100 chargers (turned off using the charge diconnect to switch off the masterconnect remote on/off)

2x Balmar 145amp alternators (turned off using the Cyrix Li-charge plus another relay to switch off the external regulator so no damage to the alternator)

1x Xantrex inverter (disconnected via cyrix load disconnect)

2x 150/70 smart/VE CAN MPPT (Charge disconnect on terminal L)

2x Orion 24/12 DC DC converts (disconnected with isolated on/off cable)

+Smart Battery Protect, Lynx Shunt VE CAN and CCGX.

Out of curiosity, any particular reason the CCGX has to be connected to the Multi via the VE. BUS and not the 'remote' terminal on the BMS.