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Alternator charging -- Orion-Tr vs. Pheonix VE Direct to Multiplus -- to large lithium bank

In a setup with solar, generator, shore power, and alternator charging using Smart Solar and a MultiPlus or Quattro for the generator and shore power ... will it make more sense to use the Orion-Tr for the alternator charging or use a Pheonix Inverter to the Multiplus and then to the batteries?

The reason that this comes up for me is the Multiplus and the SmartSolar can have their charge profiles synchronized, but it seems like the Orion-Tr does not have this function, so it can be on a different voltage than the Multiplus and SmartSolar, potentially "fooling" them as to the charge state of the battery.

Happy to read up on this issue if there is a white paper available.

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Hi @jkmann, welcome to the Community!

Powering a MultiPlus or Quattro from an inverter of any kind is never, ever supported and will cause you all kinds of headaches. Do not do this.

The correct method to charge your aux bank from your start battery (and through it, the alternator) is by using an Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger.

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Thank you for clarifying that. Is there a way to minimize voltage conflicts between the SmartSolar charge controller and the Orion-Tr so that both are able to operate at their full potential? Even if there is not a perfect solution, is there a recommended way to set up the Orion-Tr voltage settings so they at least don't confuse the other components?

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So long as all charge profiles and voltages of all connected Victron components (and anything else, for that matter) are programmed identically, there will be no conflict!

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