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Does the Smart Battery Sense prevent LiFePO4 charging below 5C?

I have all Victron kit; BVM-712, Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC, MPPT 75/15, Smart IP65 AC-DC charger and the separate smart sense battery temperature monitor sitting on top of my LiFePO4 battery in a camper van.

The Aux input of the 712 is used for the starter battery. Conscious of the 5C temperature charging threashold I added the Smart Sense Battery temperature sensor. I have linked this to the VE Network.

Does the Smart Sense Battery temperature offer the same functionality as the directly connected [to the BVM 712] version? That is, it will prevent the solar charger from charging the battery if below 5C?

Will it also prevent the Smart IP65 from charging the battery if connected to shore power?

I was never planning to use my van during the winter, so when I built it this wasn’t thought-out.

Now I am using it regularly in these colder temperatures I want to make sure my system is working efficiently.



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