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BlueSmartCharger IP67 not compensating voltage drop

My IP67 12/25 charger cannot keep a Lithium battery at constant flow/storage voltage. So the battery is permanently discharging and charging again. The problem is varying voltage drop in the chargers wires due to varying DC loads on the boat.

The problem would be solved if the IP67 charger could compensate for voltage drop. Unfortunately sensing battery voltage via bluetooth network seems to be currently out of reach, which is disappointing.

My idea to overcome the problem is adding a feature to raise the chargers output voltage as a function of current. On my installation a voltage compensation of 15mV/A would be necessary. It would be great if Victron could add a user configurable setting for compensating voltage drop in mV per A of output current.

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I have also observed this in my two IP67 chargers. VictronConnect reports 14.4V and 25A in bulk charge while multimeter shows 14.15V. One crude solution would be to change the 9AWG wires to something bigger, but they would have to be cut and properly spliced as close to the unit as possible.

Voltage compensation in firmware would be really nice. In my installation I calculated the compensation value to be 9.8mV/A to be spot on with the 12/25 IP67.

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