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800 watts of solar full sun. Victron 150/100 charger controler volts/amps fluctuate

screenshot-20221106-234824.pngI'm still trying to figure out if anymore mistakes have been made in a Professional install? The last couple days in Quartzite AZ it's been full sun. I noticed in monitoring the Victron app when the voltage goes up the amps from the panels goes down? And it looks like a EKG every second or 2 I see one go up and the other down this continues until the sun is gone. I'm also concerned they didn't wire something correctly because before the solar I had a factory installed 1000 Watt inverter that kept the residential refrigerator going off 2 75 AH lead batteries. These 2 batteries could power the fridge and Starlink for 8+ hour's before the inverter shut down. After having the system for almost a week I haven't been able to get the 2 Battle Born Game changers past 70% on solar only and have had to run a generator for 2-3 hours to get them to 100% before we would retire for the night. I'm seeing 500+ Watts from the 800 watts of panels parallel/serial but should the voltage and Amps be swapping like This? Could this be why I'm not getting a full charge off the solar? I haven't been on the roof yet to check the connections. I found a few oversights already on the ground like the tension reliefs inside the Multi plus II were not tightened at all leaving the 120v wires are risk of coming loose from vibration during towing of the camper. What should I look for that could be causing this? I'm not going back to the place it was installed at the guy who worked on this part of it cops and additude when I find mistakes I bring to there attention. They even tried to keep parts I needed like the termination jacks. So I'm just going to have to check everything myself and fix it. You can see how much power I've generated over the past few days. The only thing running is the fridge, a TV , small Roku on the TVs USB power and a Starlink. The Starlink maxes out at 80-90 watts, the fridge 200w when running and the TV about 60 watts. Maybe I just need a few more panels? Sorry it's so long I don't know how else to explain what's happening after dropping $15k I should have done it myself.

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Ya know that both Victron and Battleborn have YouTube channels devoted to informative videos regarding proper product set-up.

Don't forget to punctuate your posts.

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