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CD and LD Via Digital inputs on Venus OS

Hi Victron Staff, I am not sure if you would consider this modification, but it would be really handy, especially for those that might use a smallBMS, or a VE.Bus BMS with additional wiring.

When a smallBMS is used to control charge disconnect and load disconnect, one can use the MultiPlus/Quattro and a 2-Wire Assistant to signal the load and charge status. The VenusOS then passes this on to Solar charge controllers or other devices via VE.Direct or VE.Can will loose the information. However if the MultiPlus is switched off to conserve power. teh solar charge controller looses the charge disconnect signal.

It is possible for these signal wires to be wired to the digital inputs of the Venus OS, and therefore VenusOS able to have the change and disconnect signal directly. This would mean that the charge and load disconnect signals can still be passed to connected devices via VE.Direct or VE.Can.

This might also help another request I made here to trigger alerts within VenusOS and VRM when a charge or load disconnect event happens. By feeding the signals into the VenusOS direct. it removes the need to get the signal information from the Ve.Bus

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