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Multiplus with switched AC inputs generator and mains

Hi, We have a system with Multiplus, SmartSolar MPPT, BMV and CCGX plus a custom switchbox for mains or generator input. The CCGX relay starts the genset based on battery SOC (different levels in normal or quiet hours) but it thinks the generator is the only input because of course the Multi has only one AC input.

(I know we should have bought a Quattro, but we were in a crisis and there wasn't one in stock within the timeframe, hence the custom solution)

The switchbox won't allow the genset to be started (despite the command from the CCGX) if there is mains power. This has the advantage that the genset shuts down automatically when mains power comes back, without any intervention from the Multi or CCGX. On the other hand, the CCGX won't close its relay to start the genset if there is AC into the Multi since the SOC can only fall below threshold if there is no mains power.

Would it be possible to program the CCGX to recognize two AC inputs, Generator and Mains, based on: if a generator start has been commanded the input is Generator; otherwise the input is Mains? I guess that would be a custom mod to the software and we would need someone to do that for us.

Other ideas welcome!

Multiplus-IICCGX Color Control
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It seems like your system is working the way you want it to so I’m not sure what having the CCGX recognize the input type does for you? Other than let you know if you were running off the GenSet or the mains, which you can probably tell for the recorded input data. Since the MultiPlus doesn’t care where it gets it’s AC input from I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish?

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