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How do i control Inverter via VE.Can connected BMS?

I'm using the Victron CCGX, v 2.23 to interface a BMS(Custom made one using CANBUS) and the Victron Energy Multiplus 48V 5000VA 70 Amp inverter/charge. I send the CCGX the charge/discharge and voltage limits, as well as the other battery parameters. I expected that when the charge current i send to the victron CCGX exceeds the limit i set, the inverter/charger should switch off but this is not the case, nothing happens.

I tried turning on DVCC as directed by the manual, turning the victron CCGX to an active controller, but it still didnt work. I then noticed that there is a parameter called "BMS control", which is off and i tried turning it on but it doesn't want to turn on.

Please what am i doing wrong, how should i configure the victron CCGX to allow the BMS sent values to take control of the inverter/charger.

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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @Engineering_Centre

Please start by updating the GX firmware, then next steps. (is BMS seen? parameters visible?)

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Hey Daniel

The BMS is seen as i am able to send paramters such as charge/Discharge current limits and low/high battery voltage limits as well as the SOC, SOH, Current, Voltage, Temperature values.

I will update the Victron and repost if there were differences.

Hello @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff)

I have updated the firmware to version 2.6.

The BMS is seen along with the parameters. I have attached a picture of the Victron displaying the parameters sent via the CANBUS.


In addition, the BMS system called EC PACK sends the current, voltage, temperature, SOC and SOH of the battery. So, do the parameters sent by the CAN bus BMS mentioned above override the that of a connected inverter/charger device?

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I've read it and understand that when connected to a battery the inverter/charger is controlled by the battery. So is this the battery whose parameters are communicated via the CANBUS?

Also, Which alarms trigger the shutting down of the inverter? I have set off all the alarms in hopes that the inverter will shutdown but i have come a gutser.

Hi @Engineering_Centre

in inverter mode, DCL=0 shuts down the inverter.