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Upgrade firmware multiplus to acces to ESS option


I would like to add an ESS assistant in my system. Multiplus 48/5000/70 VE.Bus ver 2624413 and CCGX V2.60.

When i want to configure it a message appear : the version 2624415 or more is required !

In the firmware section : VE.Bus (Multis, Inverters and Quattros) section 26 - 230VAC Products with large microprocessor there is lot of solutions !

100 Non assistant firmwares
200 Assistant firmwares deprecated
400 Assistant firmwares

Can you help me to choose the correct one ! I don't want to burn my system !

Tanks for your help

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerESSfirmware updateVE.Bus
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Justin Cook answered ·

Hi @Mika2a, welcome to the Community!

If you'd like to load an ESS Assistant, you'll need to look in "Assistant Firmwares", and given your stated version number (2624), you'll want to download FW file 2624476.vff


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Thanks Justin, I find it !!

But why this number ?

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Justin Cook avatar image Justin Cook ♦♦ mika2a commented ·

The first 4 digits are the device/processor identifier and the last 3 digits are the FW version, so the number you initially gave (2624413) tells me you have processor 2624 and FW version 413.

Granted, you could just go to FW 415 (which would be 2624415), but since it's always recommended to update to the latest stable FW version when performing an upgrade, that's why I pointed you to 2624476, which is the very latest FW available for your specific processor and desired functionality.

For more in-depth explanation, please see the "VE.Bus Firmware Versions Explained" document, linked here but also available, along with a lot of other really good information as well as instructions and etc., in your Victron Professional account just below the actual FW file folders.

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Fantastic for your answer, thank you

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Dear Justin,

I upgrade the firmware without any problem's.

But in all assistants I didn't find that I want to do !

I would like, when the batteries voltage is under 49 v or SOC under 50% to connect my consumption directly to the grid without to charge battery in the same time. And when the PV increase the battery voltage to a value up to 50v, the multiplus switch to inverter mode !

Actually In my system, when the multiplus produce energy to my house and when the voltage is under 49v, he switch to the grid for the house's consumption AND charge battery !

It's a lot of consumption which was not required !!

In the second time It will be better if the PV was not sufficient to charge battery up to 50v or more (due to a bad weather !!) when the multiplus was connected to the grid, to switch on the charger mode !

My topic about :

If you want access to my VRM portal or CCGX console to see my parameter do not hesitate to ask me !

Thanks a lot

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