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Connect app not seeing my LiFePO4 12.8/200AH battery.

I’m able to see the BMV battery monitor and the SmartSolar Charger and Battery Protect devices, but don’t see the Smart Battery device.

BluetoothLithium battery Smart
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dawiz4u avatar image dawiz4u Matthias Lange - DE ·

My upfitter installed the entire system 1 year ago. I just started using the Connect app recently when I started having problems with the battery having low voltage issues at 80% charge. Connect sees my MPPT 100/30, Battery Monitor System, and Protection Relays.

What is the battery voltage?

Maybe someone disabled the Bluetooth of the batteries?
In that case there is no way to reactivate it.

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The battery voltage is 13.3V. They were new batteries installed by my upfitter. Is there no way to do a factory reset to start the bluetooth?

No once the BT is deactivated there is no way for the user to reactivate it because there are no buttons or so to press.
Maybe Victron can reactivate by disassemble the battery.

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Understood. Thanks for your help!

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