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Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can in parallel. How to change data instancing PGN 127750

I'm in the progress to iron out all instance errors on my NMEA 2000 network.

It is a large network split in two and bridged with a NBE100 from Maretron due to it size and voltage requirements. The Victron side consists out of 2x Quatro 8000 24V in parallel + DMC, 1x Skylla-i + DMC, 2x Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can in parallel. The batteries are Winston cells in 2 banks of 1000Ah each at 24V controlled by Rec BMS in master slave configuration all items are connected to a Cerbo GX with NMEA2000 out activated. My NMEA2000 network did run fine till I connected the Victron network to NMEA cable into the the backbone. Very quickly I found out that changing device instances will break the communication between the Victron units and after reading all I could get my hands on I found an article from Mathijs Vader about not changing device instances but to change data instances instead. With Actisense NMEA reader I was able to clear 12 instance errors on the network but I'm left with 1 error. The Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can both give out PGN 127750 (Converter/Invertor/Charger Status) and with Actisense NMEA Reader I can't change that PGN's data instance. This PGN is causing between 4% and 14% network error issues on my NMEA2000 analyzer meter from Maretron. Does anybody have an idea how to change this data instance without breaking the parallel operation of the MPPT's?



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