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Setting up an AC coupled system with string inverter Aurora 6 kW with Multiplus or Quattro


I have a customer which already has a grid tied system using 27 modules of 230W and 1 string inverter 6 kW Aurora model PVI-6000-OUTD-US.

I understand that CCGX has built in a FRONIUS module for AC coupled systems and I have the doubt for other models that can be compatible and if there is an specific software product from Victron to do it.


MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargerac coupling
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·


It is not limited to Fronius, though that provides the best supported experience.

Please read these two documents about the do's and don'ts of AC coupled solar with Victron systems:

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Phil Gavin answered ·

For clarity, is your question whether the Venus software can be used for an ABB inverter in the absence of a Multi?

Or do you intend to introduce a Multi in combination with it?

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Phil Gavin avatar image Phil Gavin commented ·

If it is the latter:

This isn't an official answer, but relies on personal WWW research.

The latest ABB inverters have very recently been integrated into Venus software, including the Zero feed-in capability. ( Note* This is on a trial basis, it only applies to ABB's latest generation of models and continued support is not implied).

The capability of frequency-shifting power control existed in the earlier models ( at least since VDE 4105 certification), and still exists in the later models. ( FSPC is a degree of control allowing AC coupling, but without the Zero feed-in capability).

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dgmar-ni avatar image dgmar-ni Phil Gavin commented ·

Thank you Phil for your feedback. Yes is the last option you mentioned that customer wants to integrate a Multi or Quattro on the existing system with the ABB inverter. I'll search on ABB's website for more information.

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All ABB inverters are able to be AC coupled but only certain models can be controlled via the CCGX or Venus GXfor grid limiting. If the customer is allowed to feed back or is off grid, it is no problem. Just add a ET112 meter to the output of the ABB so you can see PV production. On the new UNO-DM-PLUS, Trio-TM-50 and PVS-100 inverters you can integrate them the same as Fronius.

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oswaldoaguirre2020 avatar image oswaldoaguirre2020 rgerber commented ·

Hello RGERBER, I am Oswaldo (Perú).

Could you tell me more about it ?, in Peru we have 04 projects to implement that are hybrid systems (03 Quattro 10kVA, 01 ABB Inverter TRIO 20, Batteries Pylontech and Genset), due to time issues we cannot use Fronius or SMA, so we saw the option with ABB the TRIO 20 Inverters that would be at the exit (AC coupling) I want to know exactly what steps to follow and what extra devices would intervene to make everything work properly. I will appreciate your help ...

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rgerber avatar image rgerber oswaldoaguirre2020 commented ·

Hi Oswaldo. Unfortunately the Trio inverters are still part of the older generation inverters. So only able to do FS control.

Please follow this link to see which models have full control via Modbus TCP and also FS control.
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