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Problem with 2 wire bms assistant in ESS system allow to charge 'no' also stopping discharge

Hi im having issues with the 2 wire BMS assistant when used in one of my ESS installations, when the BMS signals to stop charging it is received by the quattro and charging is stopped but discharging is also stopped and it sends the quattro into idle mode even though allow to charge is still 'yes' and can be checked in the quattro. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @jacko

My first guess is a grid-code that uses aux1 input as 'disable feed-in' option.

This you could have found in the manual:

(Q9, 4th answer)

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I’m on the Uk grid code and I’ve never needed to use aux 1 before, if that was the case it would be double using the aux input witch would be a fault in the software surely and should make me use a different terminal when setting up 2 wire bms assistant? I’ve attached some screen shots it’s putting the Quattro into pass thru which I’d expect on empty condition not full. Means there’s a long period after filling that the batteries don’t get used.



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Just use Temp.sense and AUX2 or disable the AUX1 usage at the grid code.


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ideal thanks for the screenshots I will reconfigure to aux 2. One of those settings I’ve never had a use for before.

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