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Minimum Amps value to trigger the Phoenix VE.Direct inverter


I have a very simple question : I have a battery to be connected to the Phoenix VE.Direct Inverter. What is the minimum value of Amps that shall be delivered by the battery to trigger the inverter ?

Phoenix Inverter
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What do you mean exactly by trigger the inverter?

If you mean wake-up the inverter when it's in ECO mode that's set at 15w. (1.25A)

Otherwise, if you mean the bare-minimum to get the inverter turned on and running it's around 4.5w- 9.5w. (375mA - 792mA) This is highly dependant on what model of the inverter you have but this is the min-max range I found looking at the spec sheet.

Ok, thanks a lot. Just to reformulate what you say : it means that you take the value of "Zero load power" in the datasheet and you divide by the "nominal" voltage (12V). Am I right ?

Sorry but I'm also struggling to figure out what the question is here!

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