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Feedback on Victron/Solaredge documentation


Can I suggest the following improvements are made?

1) Section 3.3 images to not match text. Text instructions P0 to be set to 50.5Hz, images instruct 50.2Hz, not clear which one is correct. Same problem exists with the 2nd(!) iteration of section 3.1 that is below item 3.3. Perhaps this iteration of 3.1 should be relabeled to 3.4 or 3.2.1 something?

2) Figure 5 & 6 indicate you can link directly from a Multiplus II K1 relay to the Solaredge PRI connector and shows a picture of a Multiplus II Problem is K1 is not a relay in the Multiplus II, you need to use the AUX relay instead. It's also not obvious that the AUX relay is the Primary Programmable relay (you would assume it's the AUX1 relay) when programming the assistant.

3) consider linking to the Solaredge documentation for the feature at

4) Finally a section should be added about testing and how to see if its working at the solaredge end. The trick here is that the country code on the Solaredge should change from whatever it is configured to when you trigger the relay. Eg in my case it changes from "Country: AUS" to "Country: DG" You should short out the pins on the solaredge and check that the country changes, then release them (and go back into the screen that shows country) and check that it changes back. There are some useful details/images you may want to lift from the solaredge pdf in 3) page 9, section Alternative Power Source mode – Self Test


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Hi, thank you - good feedback! I’ll forward internally.

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Am I allowed to ask - it is unclear for me and I am right now in a setup like this. And it is unclear for me where the cables need to be connect too. K1, Relay 1, AUX Relay etc
And what needs to be configured on the Multiplus? #where can i read the details. Thank you Sir

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You need to choose a free relay contact in your system.

I you choose Aux relay then you shall choose this relay in VE.Configure setup.
Basically, you have the chance to choose which dry contact relay you want to use or which one you have available and then configure that one.

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